Chill Tincture


Produced in small hand batches by Mississippi herbalist Mandi Sanders of Sons & Moon.


An herbal blend formulated to curb anxiety, relieve tension, and buffer stress. These botanicals calm the nervous system, relax the boys, and restore balance. This formula is useful when anxiety manifests, stress anxiety overwhelms, and/or tension causes physical stress on the body. Passionflower is a wonderful herbal ally to calm a racing heart and ease cyclical thoughts that can cause worry, restless sleep, or difficulty putting those thoughts aside. Milky Oats works as a nervous system restorative and tonic, soothing frazzled nerve endings and comforting a body in distress. Motherwort eases emotional distress and soothes an anxious heart. Vervain is a wonder for easing build up tension especially when carried in the shoulders, jaws, neck, and upper back. Skullcap and California Poppy are beautiful botanicals known to stop anxiety in its tracks with an almost immediate release of both physical & emotional symptoms.


Ingredients: Alcohol, Passionflower, Milky Oats, Motherwort, Vervain, California Poppy, Skullcap