Tree of Life Full Spectrum Hemp Oil contains 1700 mg cannabinoids per bottle.  30 ml bottle lasts most people 2 months.

3 flavors:  Unflavored, Orange and Peppermint.   Stop in the store and ask for a sample drop to see which you like best.

Price: $120

Tree of Life is completely organic, grown by the folks who produce the oil in Colorado.  This is important because hemp is a bio-accumulator- it cleans the soil by uptaking things from the soil you may not want in your medicine.  So clean soil is a must.

Tree of Life also uses CO2 extraction, one of the cleanest ways to extract an oil without the use of solvents.

Tree of Life tastes MUCH better than most CBD oils out there.  They filter out the terpene that makes other brands taste pretty “earthy” (to put it nicely).

The hemp oil is in MCT oil carrier, also known as fractionated coconut oil.  Many people buy MCT oil as a supplement in and of itself.

Full spectrum CBD oils (more correctly called hemp oil) contain not only CBD but also the minor cannabinoids like CBG and CBC and CBN, that work synergistically with CBD, making it work that much better than an isolate.

It’s easy to take.  Simply fill dropper to the line marked .25 ml (the lowest line) and drop under your tongue.  Let it absorb for 60-90 seconds.  This will allow it to bypass the digestive system and get right into your bloodstream. Most people take 2 doses per day.

For more great information on hemp oil and the studies being undertaken on various health conditions visit Project CBD

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