Balanced Goddess Tincture


Ingredients: Alcohol, Veg. Glycerin, Spring Water, Shatavari Root, Red Clover, Motherwort, Vervain, Black Cohosh, Angelica Root.

Herbs can be a woman’s best friend when the menstrual cycle and hormones find themselves out of balance. There are many transition times in our cycle that this can happen- our early teenage years, post-partum, perimenopause throughout the full closure of our bleeding times. There are also so many factors that contribute to our cycles being irregular, painful, heavy, and out of balance. The herbs in this blend help alleviate some of the symptomatic ailments while also helping to bring the endocrine system back into balance. Feedback on this formula has come as praise for cooling hormonal hot surges, regulating cycles, amazing menstruation, and renewed fertility. Other benefits noted have been lessening of cyclical acne, reduced painful and heavy periods, and normalized cycles.

1 oz $17.00