Aller Blast Elixer


Healthy Eyes, Nose and Sinus*
This formula combines reishi mushroom and bitter artichoke with fresh stinging nettles, a classic ally. The herbs in Aller-Blast are traditionally used to promote healthy eyes, nose and sinus.*

    1. Can be taken short-term or daily for long-term support*
    2. For healthy eyes, nose & sinus*
    3. Features raw organic honey & certified organic, fresh nettles

Ingredients: Water; Organic Cane Alcohol; Org. Fresh Stinging Nettle Leaf; Org. Red Reishi Fruiting Body; Org. Artichoke Leaf; Org. Elderflower; Org. Red Clover Flower and Leaf; Org. Raw Honey. 40-45% alcohol. Certified Organic and Gluten Free.

2 oz $17.00